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Update on Grandsons chicken pox

Morning All, I wrote a post a few weeks ago about the hazards of looking after my grandson who had chickenpox. I got some very helpful replies, so I thought I'd update you. Well ' can you look after him for one day' turned into four!! My son, his father got a throat infection (I don't remember the name but it's a complication of being with someone who has chickenpox) so I ended up looking after both of them. Bloody great I thought, if I don't go down with shingles, I'll go with down with the throat thingy or both. But I didn't, I got away scot free πŸ˜….

I looked after him for the whole of last week ( mum & dad went skiing) & the poor little lad had a bad cold & cough, great I thought that'll be me for a couple of weeks but no, I did cough & sniff for a day or so but that's all. I've really had a rough time since last October, continues colds etc. Xmas was dire. In January I decided enough was enough, rightly or wrongly I decide to half my meds, I take Hydroxychoroquine twice a day & the last time I tried to reduce them I ended up not being able to walk. Anyway fluke or not I'm actually feeling so much better. Last week was full on & yet I had so much energy & yes the joints were achy & swollen but I managed to do everything 😁 Even the soft play clubs, for anyone who hasn't experienced this I suggest you don't bother 😩 Lots of screaming sweaty children going through an obstacle course, being only 14 months grandma had to follow closely behind, great fun 😳 Anyway I feel great, long may it continue. Hope your all having a good day.

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I'm familiar with he joys of soft play clubs and toddlers. Yet, bad as they sound, I have to admit to enjoying them (on a good day). Perhaps there should be similar centres for adults - much more fun than going to the gym (not that I've ever done that).

Glad you're feeling so good.Rock on!

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I have been on Dmards & now Biologics for many years & have never managed to pick up anythingbfrom anybody I know.

The only thing i ever developed was shingles & as far as I know I was never near anyone with either that or chickenpox!

I think the medics din it in to us so that we take more care !

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