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Second time for Methatrexate and I think it's a no go

Diagnosed a year. Started off on Mtx but had to stop after 5 months as got horrendous migraines. I was then put on sulfasalazine which thankfully seems to agree with me. With my consultant we decided we would now try to add in Mtx starting slow and see how it goes. It really doesn't agree with me as well as having a fuzzy head most of each week the fatigue increased too. Also reflux didn't subside which was anothe issue I had with Mtx. So what has been the decider is this week. I didn't take Mtx this weekend as I had been suffering a cold and I have a busy week this week and the last thing I wanted was to feel rubbish. The end of last week I felt so rough. Today has been the most busy day ever at work and I feel great! Most Mondays I'm functioning and almost looking in on my life from the outside if that makes sense. It's like when you've had a few drinks and things start to slow down but everything around you is going fast. Then Tuesdays are normally my totally exhausted day. Hopefully that won't be the case. I feel a phone call to the nurses coming on.

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YES! Looking at life from the too. There's a name for it ( can't think of it right now ), but I am totally non-functional in the outside world when I have it. I can't even string words together to make a sentence. This has been very bad ( for me ) on Cimsia. Only slightly on MTX. Your body will know what feels good for it, and what's bad ( that's my feeling, anyway ) having bad migraines is a bad side effect, ( again in my opinion )..have they offered any other medications? They say not to drink alcohol....if I hadn't stopped drinking 10 years ago, I'm sure I would be having bad reactions too. May I ask what dosage of MTX you started with?


Hi thanks for replying. Initially I was started on 15mg. This time around she started me on 7.5mg and increased each week up to the 15mg. I would say though I felt the difference in myself even on the 7.5mg. I just don't think it's one that will work for me. Sulfazalazine I've had no ill effects at all. I need another added in as she wanted me on triple therapy. Time will see how I get on with the next drug.


Good luck amhoarten!


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