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MTX and extreme fatigue after injection

Hi all!

I was taking MTX for only 4 months. ( my 1st RA med) me, it was a miracle lifted the severe pain of the inflammation, that had been persisting for months, and even stopped my excessive sweating that prevented me from leaving my house for months...( had always had a problem, but it got so ridiculous- I was soaking wet at the slightest exertion --like standing up). My problem arose when every week, after the injection, I eventially became completely flat out for 3 days. So my Thru my changed me to ( generic for ) Cimsia. Inflam. has not come back, but sweating has even increased, and I have freezing cold hands and feet. My question is this: is it natural to have " down days" after MTX injection? I'm almost willing to be down for 3 days, so that on the good days I could actually function without being soaking wet. Any advice would be helpful....don't see my Rheumy for two weeks...

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I used to find that I had to arrange my schedule to do nothing for the two days after the Methotrexate injection but sit around and drink loads of water. If you can do this then fine. But it was one of the straws (or large logs!) that broke the camel's back ...with all the other side effects I had, I was glad to change medication.

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Thanks Oldtimer. I guess I'm not alone. I'm not doing very well on this new med. Can I ask which med you changed to? Is it working out well for you? I am glad I finally got diagnosed, ( my regular doc . said she didn't know what my problem was, and to " go cure myself" ( !? ) when I finally found my wonderful Rheumy and the pain stopped, but man, my actual life has come to a standstill.


I'm now on Azathioprine. For me, it's an improvement. It works to keep the inflammation damped down and I don't feel so awful on it - but still feel sick every day, but that's better than the pain. I don't have the massive mouth ulcers that I had on Methotrexate and only mild intestinal hurry now. Unfortunately I can't tolerate a bigger dose, so have to take 5mg steroids with this, occasionally more. I'm not eligible for biologics (although my sister, who has the same as me, has been put on one), so this is as good as it gets.


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