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Consultant appointment tomorrow

Hi all,

I wrote on here a week ago about been diagnosed with RA. What a week it has been thank you all so much for this website. I feel so much better about what is to come.

In an attempt at complete denial I was looking up CCP levels and RF levels to see what they should be for "normal" people. Then rang doctors for my result: Feb 3rd blood test My RF is 36 and my CCP 271. As your RF factor should be under 14 and CCP under 20, i could deny it no more. I have symmetrical swelling and pain (sooo much Pain) in fingers knees and toes to... i still had to try and convince myself naaa they have it wrong i'm only 42 :)...... were they sure???? it seems they are!

So research i have done. All of your stories have been fantastic.

I am actually looking forward forward to getting some meds, whipping this things ass and getting back on with as normal a life as i can have. I feel better about the medication i may be given and have took really hope in that they will get it right and this pain will ease and i may be able to use my fingers again.

One question I will ask though, when i go to see consultant do they start me on drugs straight away or do I have to have more test and wait more weeks for some kind of relief from this pain?

Thank you again, ill let you know how I get on tomorrow.

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He might want to do xrays and ultrasound scans first before deciding on a range drug. However he will sort out maybe a steroid or anti inflammatory to help you get less pain in the meantime.

Or he could give you anti inflammatory plus decide to start you on a disease modifying drug straight away, such as methotrexate. Before some drugs some rheumies like to check patients xrays of chest for example as if you give a disease modifying drug it can give other infections a chance to grow.

I got xrays , bloods redone, steroid jab and started mtx all on the same day. Others are less aggressive on the day.

Then it takes up to three months for the race drug to get in your system. But as you have seen here they can be tweaked to get you controlled.

Rest as much as you can will help and I foung gp the best for pain relief tweaking!

Good luck and let us know how it goes x


Thank you. My doctor has given me naproxen anti inflammatorys and tramadol for the pain. They help but they aren't great. So fingers crossed.

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Well ahead! Good luck x

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It depends on your Rheummy. Mine xrayed my hands and started me on MTX. They had cheat X-rays and bloods on file.

I didn't see my Rheummy again for 9 months, his nurse did all my follow ups.

I next see him in July. My GP manages my bloods and day to day stuff.


BTW. Good luck with your appointment.

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