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Steroid Injections


Hi I hope everyone is in a good place.

Just a quick question for anyone who has had a steroid injection (in the buttock not into a joint). How long did the benefits of the jab last?

I had one 3 weeks ago but pain / stiffness / swelling and fatigue are making an unwelcome return already.

Has the steroid worn off of am I just having a worse flare (still on the journey to find the treatment that works!)

Thanks in advance.

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I had one about 4 weeks ago and feel ok, I had a bug before Christmas that set things off and it may be down to reactive Arthritus on top of the RA as that was in remission and so had the injection which gave me relief. I've had them twice before until the Meds kick in and they worked well until that happened. I'm sure I was told they work for about three months which sounds about right in my experience but of course it may not be the same for all.

Hi, I've had 3 and to be honest, they did very little after 48 hours!! Great relief straight after the injection but very little afterwards.

Not sure if it's just me but I personally wouldn't advocate them.

I have had several. The average time they worked is about 3-4weeks. However one did not seem to help at all. Am three weeks into the last one which I hope will last until I begin Benepali. I am also currently on 4 mg pted

I've only had one general steroid injection in my bottom but I'm afraid but only lasted the one day, though it was wonderful to feel normal for even one day! It does vary though, surprisingly so. The trouble is they don't like giving too many each year so it might be worth mentioning it to your rheumy nurse or whoever administered it. If you're flaring because you're not responding to your meds they may suggest a short course of oral steroids to try & work on your inflammation in the meantime.

Thanks everyone - I'm on 7mg if oral prednisone as well at the moment. The injection had given me a reasonable couple of weeks but that's it - stuff I had read said "up to 3 months" of good effect so I didn't know if I was odd or being pathetic while waiting for other meds to work!

Thanks again

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It probably depends on which drug is used. I have Depomedrone injections into my thigh not buttock.....I am very fortunate that it can last up to three months with an 80mg does take up to 3 days to kick in.

About 5 years ago my injections were changed from buttock to rheumatoologist told me this was to avoid " dead leg" which can occur if a nerve in the buttock is accidentally affected.

I would 't think the site would make any difference but it might be worth asking if you could have the injection in the thigh rather than just might help!

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As AC says it could depend on which steroid & the dose you were given, but then I also had Depo-Medrone though I had 120mg & it took a good week to work & had just the one day's benefit. I also take a low maintenance dose of steroid, though not pred, I take deflazacort so I texted my GP & she ok'd me doubling my dose for a week. I did ask my nurse when I saw her at my next appointment why the injection didn't work for very long & took so long to achieve it but true to form she just shrugged it off. So results do vary & you're neither odd nor pathetic!

Hi TTCC, it's clear from the replies that the reaction seems to be quite varied- which makes you wonder where they get the "3 months" thing from? Like you I had one 3 weeks ago- it took me from the most miserable pain to feeling normal within the week. I have noticed increased discomfort the last couple of days but wonder if it might be weather connected? My consultant said 2-3 months but for that I'm reading six weeks. He also said that how a patient responds to the medication tells him a lot about their particular disease. Wishing you all the best x


I had a steroid injection in the bum on 1st Feb (my first one on my initial consultation), it was beginning to wear off from last week, fortunately I had another appoint with my consultant yesterday and he confirmed RA and he wants to start me on Methatrexate (MTX) but he's not happy with my chest xray so I have to go for another chest xray in 10 days and then start MTX, he also requested an education appointment with rheumy nurse and gave me another steroid injection yesterday... I was a bit concerned as I thought the steroid injections were only a one off as they aren't supposed to give you them too often?? but hey ho, it has stopped the pain and swellings so I'm not complaining...

Just like you said, when it was wearing off I felt like it was coming back worse... here's hoping they get the treatment right soon.

Take care



I have had it twice. The first relief lasted 24hours. the second 12 hours sorry

Iv had them in both as iv got bursitis its very painfull plus like you i have arthritis my first ones lasted around 2 months just had some more its just one ov them things everyone is diffrent but my rhumy said i cant have too many and he likes at least 3 months apart i would ask to see what they say but by the sounds your having a flare up use hot water bottles and rest good luck keep me posted xxxx

Yes I have had that in bun and it did not last like you 2 weeks was the longest relief xxx

I declined the offer of one on my second appt. The reason is that it goes into the body generally and if the drug does not agree with you there is no way of stopping it and you have to wait for it to wear off. For instance, you could be highly allergic to it.

I had previously had an injection of Depo Provera (as a treatment for endometriosis). Well, the groin area, ie the crease between the top of the thigh and the belly, on the side I had the injection, swelled up like a balloon and looked like a huge watery blister. This lasted a whole weekend. When I told a gynaecologist about it, he wanted to do cancer testing but it was in an area where I had endometriosis on or by the sciatic nerve.

Also, it caused the most terrible suicidal depression which I had to endure for three months.

An injection direct into my shoulder joint, guided by ultrasound, was wonderful for ten weeks. Personally, I would not entertain a general injection after that experience.

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Oh my DelicateInput - That is a horrible reaction. I am so sorry for what you went through, and suicidal thoughts from it? whoa.. I had the same concern about the injection of hyaluronic acid into my knees. I react to so many things that I was scared of an injection. You couldn't get it back out... Glad you are better though


My experience has pretty much been: 1st one lasts from 3 - 4 months, 2nd one lasts maybe a month, and any after that last very short times. I'm not sure how long I would have to wait between to get the 3 - 4 months. I love the first one, but usually only do that one, like once a year...

And yeah, it could be a flare.. they come unexpected and uninvited as you know... Wishing you pain free days...

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Do you know what dose were you having? In my experience with Depomedrine it starts off at 40mg & if that seems to work for 3/4 weeks it's upped to 80 or time it's needed....depending on why it's needed.

I've no idea what the criteria is for dosage, but I have had many jabs & they work really well for the much vaunted 3/4 months. Maybe I'm just particularly receptive?

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You know AC, I don't know the dosage. The doc said "come in her and lean on that" and job. The next one was actually in my foot and it lasted a while too, but it had been a couple of years, so no help there. Sorry

Well, we are so individual both in our bodies, and in our reactions to things that it makes sense it might work better for some than others...

I do know that I loved that 3 - 4 months. Oh my goodness! It was so worth the pain of the injection, and it was wonderful to move around like a normal person for once.. You get so used to the pain and stiffness that you don't notice it any more until it is gone.. Gentle Hugs

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It was 120mg of methyl prednisone I think - on 7mg oral prednisone daily too!

I never have any pain with a general steroid jab....I only ever found a steroid injection directly into my wrist to be painful.....& it had no effect...might as well have injected sterile water.

I do know people who have injections into joints have anaesthetic solution injected at the same & that isn't painful & it does work.

But the holistic injections into my thigh just sting as the needle goes in & sometimes ache a bit afterwards, but definitely can't be called painful. So I'm sticking with the devil I know...if needed.

Thankfully I haven't needed one since I had two Rituximab infusions in Oct 2016. Fingers crossed that keeps on working......but every twinge I get I this "here we go again"?

Felling really good right now sitting in brilliant sunshine looking out to sea in the Canary Islands!

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