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Morning all. This is a bit of an unusual request but does anyone have any advice for buying a relatively inexpensive lightweight lawnmower. The more I look on-line the more confused I become. My RA is currently 'in remission', although osteo is still quite bad. However, since having 2 stents fitted and going to cardiac rehab I'm feeling a little more energetic! I had someone cut my small lawn for me last year at £15 a cut which works out quite a bit over the cutting period so thought I would give it a go myself! I want one with a grass box as I think the raking would add too much for me. Any advice will be much appreciated.

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  • Go to B&Q they sell lightweight lawnmowers,the only thing i would say is you owuld need a extention lead as there is not a lot of lead. Even i can use it to cut our lawns which is good as it means i can help hubby.xxxx

  • Thanks Sylvi

  • I garden organically ie without the use of any chemicals, and always leave the clippings on the lawn as they feed it. A small amount of clippings accumulate in the mower and they go on the compost heap and act as an accelerator ie help the heap to heat up and decompose.

    You can't see the clippings so long as you don't let the grass grow very long. It means the lawnmower is easier to manipulate as it is lighter and smaller, and is better for the planet as you don't need to use artificial fertilisers!

    Occasionally I spread some seaweed meal on the lawn. Smells lovely...

  • Hover lawnmowers are usually lighter to operate. One with an electric lead will be lighter than a rechargeable. The ones that collect the clippings will be heavier as they fill up as you cut the lawn and you then have to take it to the compost bin frequently.

    "Which" magazine can be consulted on line and gives useful comparisons of quality and price.

  • Have you thought of having AstroTurf laid? It's not cheap, but I had it laid last year & it was money very well spent!

    Friends who turned their noses up are now thinking of following suit.

    I just give my lawn a sweep now & then!

    If that doesn't grab you....if you've got a charity shop at your tip they often have

    Really cheap little mowers...I bought one for £15 & it lasted me 10 years until I had the AstroTurf...when I gave it back for them to sell again!

    Good luck in your search!


  • Thanks. I was thinking of just having raised beds and gravel but think it'll take some serious saving up for that. I'll look at astro turf.

  • There can be nothing as easy as the robot ones and although they are expensive ex demonstrators can be found, once set up they are extremely efficient and in time will become far more common. Most virtually eliminate the need for raking as they cut so often that they mulch the fine cuttings. Luxury? well yes but not if you need it and it will save you money after a couple of seasons.


  • Hi

    I bought a great mower from Aldi which is efficient (engine size is important) and cheap £80. The grass clippings collector is lightweight and easily removed.

    I use a box of weed/feed/moss remover occasionally too.

    Grass attracts wildlife, smells great when cut and is lovely for sunbathing and picnics.

    Hope we have a great summer.

  • I have plants for bees etc around the borders. Don't sunbathe or sit in the garden but will certainly look on aldi website at mowers. Thanks.

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