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So this is remission

My rheumy tells me that my sero negative ra is in remission. Aside from occasional NSAIDs and a course of prednisolone only ever taken hydroxychloroquine 400mg. I thought remission meant an absence of symptoms but the morning stiffness is still there, pain crops up in random joints and I feel tired pretty much all the time. I am well aware from reading the posts of others that I'm lucky in comparison. Is this as good as it gets? Anyone else out there managing with just HXQ?

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I've been in and out of remission for 4 years or so now. I feel that the medical definition of remission means something very different than what we might think. My DAS score hovers around 2.5, so my rheumatologist is happy. But I still have morning stiffness, and tender, swollen & painful joints here and there and good days and bad days. But because my ESR is always very low then the figures say I'm ok.

But if you're not happy tell your rheumy and ask whether further improvements could be made. Also if you haven't already get your vit D levels checked as low bit D can make you feel tired as well.


I have been off meds except pain control since June and, touch wood, still ok. However, stiffness and some pain still there especially first thing in the mornings. I think it just means inflammation levels mean no main treatment currently required.


Hi Bubblemania...I'm on HCQ only and like you I have pain, stiffness in my fingers ...worse in the mornings but also throughout the day. I'm sero negative and no obvious swelling in the joints despite pain and tender to touch. I take Omeprazole & Celebrex occasionally when the pain is bad and advised to add Paracetamol as necessary.

It appears my Rheumatologist thinks I'm ok and discharged me to the Rheumy Nurse ( without telling me ) who is also of the same opinion. So I guess remission doesn't mean we're symptom and pain free. ☹️☹️


Hey Ksee nice to make contact with someone in a similar place. It's easy to feel guilty about complaining when there are so many worse off. My rheumy is reluctant to put me on MXT which I guess is a good thing. If this is the new normal I don't like it but can live with it.


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