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PSA treatment


Hi, I was diagnosed with seronegative R A 2 years ago. Initially prescribed 15mg Methotrexate and folic acid which was moderately successful. 8 months ago it seems that I probably have a form of Psa as I've had patches of psoriasis and it runs in my family as does R A. Although my rheumatologist didnt give me a formal diagnosis he changed my treatment slightly adding 1600 mg if Brufen Retard plus omeprazole daily and this has made a big difference to my ligament, tendon and sacroiliac pain.

I'm wondering if anyone else is on this treatment too and how long they've been on it. I can't imagine I can take this much anti inflammatory indefinitely although things are fine at the moment. I seem to be considered to be in remission.

I'd be interested in hearing about others experiences. I don't think my Psa is very aggressive but it certainly does make life miserable at times.

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I have PsA (no psoriasis - yet! But my son has psoriasis) and inject enbrel and take oral MTX. I've never heard of being treated with brufen and MTX. Perhaps the MTX is expected to prevent erosions and the brufen to help pain. I can't take brufen as it exacerbates the lymphatic colitis which I have. Certainly I have erosions and even though I'm on enbrel. Sorry I can't offer any more light on the subject. Clemmie

Downtime in reply to Barrister

Thanks Clemmie.

Yes I think the Brufen is just to control the pain from inflammation. I have yet to be offered a biological drug . I assume I'm not considered to be bad enough! I'm not keen anyway as I am suffering from numerous skin cancers which I'm prone to ,but exacerbated by the Mxt. A biological drug would be even be even worse I understand. There's always a side effect with these drugs!

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