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Focus Group in Oxford Feb 22nd - 12 participants needed

The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society is committed in delivering our mission of supporting and empowering everyone living with the impact of rheumatoid arthritis. In line with this we would like to draw your attention to the one of the initiative of the Oxford Academic Health Science Network (Oxford AHSN), one of the 15 Academic Health Science Networks across England which were established to spread innovation at pace and scale- improving health and economic growth. The Oxford AHSN has been doing work around rheumatoid arthritis and Biosimilars and are requesting for participants for their upcoming focus group which focuses on biosimilars used within rheumatoid arthritis. The purpose of the focus group is to identify the most appropriate way to disseminate information and empower people about biosimilars used within rheumatoid arthritis via used of a video platform. The focus group will be interactive and throughout the session there would be an opportunity to reflect on feedback and discussions. The feedback and information gathered on this session will greatly inform the direction of the educational video.

To those who are interested could we please ask you to take this short survey.

The survey will help the Oxford AHSN assess the most relevant individuals who can join the focus group. Ferdinand Manansala, from Oxford AHSN, will be in contact to the selected individuals.

The deadline for survey is 15th February 2017

If you have further questions, please contact Ferdinand Manansala on:

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