So I had my rheumy appointment and left as I came with no answers just a steroid jab in my bottom which has made my pain even worse ! And the back pain which hurt so much yesterday I broke down in the the middle of wilkinson store yesterday called my go and asked for another referral for physiology as my first referral was a while back and nothing ever happened , also have a referral for a msk scan so hopefully I will get answers as it's really getting me down and making my anxiety worse (RANT OVER )

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  • I am sorry that you are having such a rough time.

    I got my Rheummy secretary to put the request in for physio. I since found out the form went a long way - across the corridor. I have had 5 sessions of physio and now have started hydrotherapy.

    I hope that you get answers soon.


  • Thank you Jacqui me too xx

  • Those injections can take a while to kick in.....hope by tomorrow you get some relief!

  • You're entitled to a little rant, I reckon. I do hope you can get this sorted out soon. Huge gentle hugs


  • I know the feeling. Every time I go to see Rhumy I just have injections which don't work. I come away more frustrated and angry as there's no one to turn to. We just want someone to listen and the Rhumy people don't know what the pain is if they havnt experienced it. Another moan but it helps to get it out in the open

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