2 weeks home now

hi everyone haven't posted for a couple of days as not really much to report

today I have been home 2 weeks from my surgery everything seems fine, hardly any pain just discomfort now and again

my main concern is the amount of bend I have, I cant get near 90 degrees its so sore and stiff when I exercise I guess I just have to persevere, but I was expecting to be more forward than this

any suggestion would be appreciated

kindest regards Derek

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  • You're doing fine Derek, as I am sure your physio is telling you....two weeks is a drop in the ocean for recovery time. Orthopaedic surgeons are brilliant, but they are not magicians!

    When I was in my 4o's I only tore tendons in my knee & it took a good few months before I could bend it fully & know I could rely on that knee!

    So keep on with those lifts & bends & whatever other torture your physios recommend!

    Patience young man! By the summer you'll be up & running!!


  • thank you xx

  • Having been through total knee replacements in both knees, I hVe to agree with agedcrone, 2 weeks is nithing. Your knee will still be so swollen. My advice will be to key it heal and just continue with your physio and it will happen over time . To continue to push and have unrealisticky high expectations mAy, in my view, set you back a bit derek.

    Wishing you the best.


  • thank you xx

  • A friend of mine had a total knee replacement. She spent 2 weeks just icing it and doing a few gentle movements. I think you're doing fine Don't rush it however frustrating it seems. Best wishes

  • Derek give it time it will come. I have a 90% bend on my knee after i had to have it done twice,so there is still hope for you. Remember your chronically ill and it will take you longer than a healthy person to recover,as long as you continue to do the exercises the hospital gave you you will get there.xxxx

  • Hi Derek, i have been following your posts since yur op and i think you have done amazingly. Healing of any wound and inflamation caused by surgery or anything else takes time to heal especially in a joint that is load bearing.

    Keep trying on your movement and im sure you will get there. Im glad your pain has reduced some now.


  • My 4 week post op friend ( no RA) only gets 90 sometimes cos exercise swells the knee.

    Sounds like it is going ok for you too - boringly just a question of time!

  • thanks for all your comments kindest regards Derek

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