A little victory!

I just wanted to share this with you as you have been so supportive during the questions and glum times.

So after 9 weeks of treatment after diagnosis things are very slightly slowly starting to improve and today for the first time in I don't know how long I have actually done a full family Tesco shop ON MY OWN! 😃 OH did help bringing in heavy bags from the car but I did the actual shop on my own - mind you worn out now - off for a nap 😴 😂

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  • Well done !!! But take advice from this idiot who once she starts feeling well overdoes it and ends up sore lol !!! Do remember a bit of pacing.

    But fab that it seems to be working x

  • Its good to have a victory!! Ive been there prior to my treatment. Do make sure to have a good rest xx

  • Fab--- brill news. Bet you feel awesome , but don't go overboard and do too much 😊

  • Good for you. Wishing you well Carol xxx

  • A suggestion from one who has 'been there'- have your shopping packed into MANY bags so that they are ALL below the weight you SHOULD carry! I got this idea when I had a hysterectomy and started back shopping after the 6 week rest stage. To give some idea, I never pack more than 2 X 2 litre mineral water bottles in one bag at a time.Yes, I have A LOT of (strong fabric) bags ( we have state laws that prohibit stores from supplying plastic shopping bags so we have to take our own-environmentally sound) and it does take a while to unload them from the car, BUT, I can take a rest between loads, and I NEVER feel totally knocked out next day like I used to do and I don't have to have treatment to fix sore shoulder/back!! I shop once every 2 weeks, so my shop is a biggish one.(A neighbour once commented on the amount of shopping I do for 2 people, and I laughed, suggesting she look at how 'empty' all the bags are!! :-) )

  • That's great to hear! Every little improvement helps towards being nearer to normality. Yes, you take meds in order to be able to do things but at least you can & the disease shouldn't stop you doing them. Isn't it funny, shopping would probably have been a bug bear before the advent of RD, something that had to be done but that you feel able enough to do it on your own again is a positive move forward. Yay for you!

    One thing I've bought that's been incredibly helpful is a shopping trolley. Now before you say that's one step too far (!) it's a 6 wheeled one, it goes up steps with so much ease. That's really necessary for me because I have 3 steps up into the porch & it takes no effort because the wheels take the strain of pulling the trolley up. So if you have steps to negotiate I'd thoroughly recommend this type. I also don't do a big shop anymore, I split the shops I do so one day I'd go to Aldi, one of the big supermarkets later in the week & independents like the butchers closer to the weekend, that way I don't tucker myself out. I realise not everyone can do that but you'll find your own ways.

  • Every little improvement is a big thing to person it's happening to makes you see the light at the end of tunnel that you'd very nearly given up on good luck with further improvements x

  • Congratulations TTCC - That is wonderful news. Here's to a wonderful week!

  • Good for you a bit of shopping therapy does you good. Well done! Zeus49.

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