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2nd day post op

sorry for the lack of information yesterday, quite a busy day one way or another

early afternoon I was up again, this time with crutches, did same circuit and sat in chair, straight legged, cant bend yet and must have 70 degrees to go home

all bandaging taken off so its less pressure on wound now, quite a long incision, closed with 37 staples

then out of the blue last night I got tightness in my chest and tingling in left arm.

ecgs and bloods carried out through the night but all clear, cardiologist going to pop his head in this morning

looks like one more night in here, will updatelater breakfast has arrived


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Well take your time and rest . Get well soon xx

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Don't try and push TOO hard. It will come, don't worry.

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Don't overdo it! Hope you're OK. Make the most of being looked after.


Hoping things have settled

Down for you derek? It really does take time for the knee to get going, especially with the bends. Youve just been through major surgery (largest joint in the body) so keep them moving but get some rest too as there's a fair bit of physio ahead. Be kind to yourself.


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So sorry to hear of episode, wonder if anyone has checked you for a clot? This can happen after an operation Have they given you any fragmin injections to prevent clots?

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Hi derek

Hoping you're ok

And things are going well for you? Hope we hear from you soon.


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