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Dear HU, BBC Radio 4 have been in touch and are looking to feature people in their You and Yours programme with Julian Worricker. Essentially, they need someone (and this can be anonymous) who is currently in work in the UK but perhaps struggling with their employer in terms of understanding RA and making those 'reasonable adjustments'. Additionally they'd like to hear from employers you know of that have been helpful and understanding in helping you manage RA at work. You can reply below or private message me. Many thanks, Sally.

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I work for a local authority as a social worker and have had significant time off due to AS and peripheral arthritis over the past two years. My employer has been nothing short of brilliant with me and ensured I accessed all supports available. They've made my continuing to work so much easier than it might have been.


I work at a government research organisation and since my diagnosis they have been really helpful.

This has included occy health support, adjustments to my equipment e.g. Dragon software, ortho keyboard/mouse, special chair etc. I also have flexible working - I work the majority of the day in the office but leave early to avoid sitting in traffic jams and work the last hour or so from home.

As an organisation they have been great. My manager less so - he doesn't really understand. I guess with RA you look OK on the outside. I find the fatigue and 'brain fog' a big challenge - these are invisible and not appreciated by my manager.

My colleagues are fabulous - they understand much better.

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Oh it looks like this is too late now. I don't have RA but I have arthritis, and tendonitis in multiple joints. I started having problems since my late 20s and have worked in many jobs in the NHS and charity sector in contact roles. I have had many terrible experiences and have not been supported or believed. it has definitely held back my career and left me in financial difficulties. I hope the programme staff were able to capture both bad and good experiences. C


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