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off topic, but may be useful

If your RA is still in the early stages, there is much you can do to slow and even halt the progression of your disease. Try Googling RA and diet, or RA and fulvic acid. You will come across much information, much of it useless and not recommended, but some very interesting and potentially life changing. Personally, fulvic acid worked very well for me, eliminating most pain. I'm not suggesting that you forgo the medications your specialist will prescribe, however, you can still do your own research in concert with the drug regime you will be prescribed. Having said all this, RA is not a disease to be trifled with, so think carefully before you do decide to go off on any tangents. All the best from Leonie Cent in Australia.

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Not off topic really as we have long and heated debates about nutrition and RA here. But I would always question the value of a single supplement that has little evidentiary base, and be cautious about spending my money on anything where I'm not 100% sure of the safety of the manufacturing process.


And also check with your rheumy for contraindications with any prescription drugs. Some of the most innocuous-seeming complementary remedies can be bad news in conjunction with other drugs.


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