Just wanted to let all you lovely people know how grateful I am that I found this site.

I went to see my Dr at local surgery on Tues. I got upset because I am so fed up of being in pain & feeling tired. Keep trying new Medication & having bad side effects but will be starting Humira on 29th Dec.

He asked if I would like to see a counsellor ( I declined as Im a qualified counsellor - none practicing now) but I did say "its ok Im a member of a wonderful RA site and the people are so helful & understanding, I have learnt a lot about the disease since I joimed". He was quite happy & impressed with my reply.

So just to say thank you to everyone for your help & knowledge & understanding. X.

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  • I too am glad of this site. It keeps me going insane.


  • It helps me keep my pecker up. X

  • I totally agree. This has been a lifeline for me so far!

  • What a lovely post. I also mentioned the site to my Rheumy a while ago, she knew about it (she has had NRAS posters on her wall at times) & had a look at it when another patient mentioned it. She was impressed generally & remarked it seemed one of the better forums.

  • My rheumy nurse recommended this site to me when I went for my first appointment

  • The support given here is wonderful, we all help each other, so many postings have made me consider other options and expanded my over all grap of the disease.


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