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weird overnight pains

I am RA positive, been very lucky so far for 3 years on Hydoxy and sulphasalazine. Now getting some RA swelling/pains in hands, but also weird painful pains in right top of arm and right groin if I move leg or arm - just on the right - been going on for a about a month. annoyingly just start in late evening and wears off during the day - so not there at times of GP appointments. Is this a RA thing or something else? any ideas anyone?

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I was controlled on sulfa and hydroxy for almost a year before the swellings and pain started to creep up on me. My rheumy said I had a mild form of RA....my symptoms got worse. My rheumy just added more sulfa and my RA slowly continued to snowball. It wasn't until my jaw started to swell that my GP told me to ask for a second opinion on my RA drugs. Thank God he did.

Now I have added mtx to my cocktail and my new rheumy is upset with my old rheumy for allowing the disease to progress.

Please talke to your doctor. I wish you well


Thank you


Yes get it checked out, you can still get nasty flares whilst on drugs. My inflammatory markers increased whilst I was taking sulfasalazine!


I work on the basis now that everything is related to the RA. I'm firm about it now, otherwise the Rheumatology Team say contact your GP and the GP won't prescribe anything unless the Rheumatology Team sanction it. I would contact Rheumatology and see what they say.

Wishing you all the best



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