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Getting the needle

Morning all,hope your all facing the day best you can,at least it's not cold.I saw the orthopaedic doc on Monday about having cement in my collapsed vertebrae, but no go, no supporting bone left, could cause other fractures if they do it,have been refered to pain clinic, with option of nerve block injection,has anyone had this done? did it help,I hope so as constant back pain is so draining, on top of RA.Hows the Christmas shopping going everyone?just bought my son and wife a fondue set,happy 70s memories,hope they like it.x

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I can't give you any advice or specific help, but I know from past experience how draining constant pain is. Just be kind to yourself and don't overdo it. Make sure that those around you understand how energy sapping pain can be and hopefully they'll understand. All the very best and a lovely Christmas.


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