My Cimzia is winging it's way very soon...yay!

Hi peeps-

I have made contact with Healthcare at Home and have arranged for my first supply of Cimzia to be delivered at my place of work (at school) this Thursday (or next- I can't quite remember lol)

As long as it isn't out of refrigeration for more than 30 minutes, all is well 🙂

Apparently, a nurse will be in touch within 48 hrs to arrange a visit to help with my first injections. I think I'll have 'loading doses' at first....not sure how many weeks that'll be- does anyone know?

Will I have any side effects at first- just thinking about what day to go for regarding work etc.

Thanks in anticipation of your worldly knowledge 😊

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  • Glad that things are progressing. I hope that it goes well.


  • Congratulations, im glad you past the interigation and got the funding agreed. I had a dose every week instead of every other week for the first 4 weeks. IE 2 extra doses. I arranged to do mine on a wednesday because i was already taking MYX on a friday and they like you to leave a day in between. I initially had some mild symptoms like sea sickness but many apparently report little or no side effects. Really hope it goes well for you and you soon feel and notice the benefits.

  • That's interesting Leonwp- I do my mtx on a Monday maybe I'll make it Wednesday ☺

  • I hope that the school break allows you some respite over the next few weeks so that you can adapt a little more gently.

  • Great news...good luck X

  • I hope CIMZIA works as well for you as it did for me. Don't worry or think about side effects until you actually notice something markedly different. My way of looking at it has always been: As long as I feel better and in control I'm very happy to put up with what might be side effects. All the very best.

  • Good luck from me too Moomin

    Ally x ☺

  • Hi I started on Cimzia in March this year I had 3 loading doses at first 2 injections every other week. It did take time to kick in but had made such a difference to me. They are starting doing it in pen form and last time I saw the nurse she asked me if I would like to try it on my next delivery. I have not had a problem with the injection except the thought of it before I inject. Hope you have good results from it.


  • Should have said I have had no side effects.


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