Lung infection???

Hi all I'm new to this site. I'm asking on here as not registered with a doctor. I've woke up today feeling a little stuffy. As the day has gone on I have a horrible shooting pain in the top right side of my back which hurts when I breath and laugh or cough.. I also have sore achy thighs and shoulders.. has anyone had anything similar to this. Thanks x

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  • Im no doctor but what you describe could just be the onset of a nasty bout of flu rather than a chest infection, without other symptoms TA would be very unlikely, but flu or chest infection can both be nasty to deal with and you really should get proper advice. Soon.

  • Go into your local chemist/pharmacy and ask them for advice. They would be better placed to judge. But you do need to get registered with a doctor!

  • Why on earth are you not registered with a GP?

  • Thank u for your replies. I run a pub ( I don't drink) I took it over 6 months ago and I just haven't registered with one in this new area as I've been so so busy. I've been feeling poorly for weeks on and off and just shrugged it off as a don't have time to be ill ( also a of 3 ).. well today the pain is also in my chest area. I'm struggling to move.. I now regret not having a doctor 😬😢

  • That was supposed to say a mum of 3!!

  • Do you have an access centre? they should have a doctor and it's for emergencies that don't quite fit the a&e criteria x if not or you don't know speak to a pharmacist (which I'm going to do today for mild chest infection) as they should be able to give you more information as to what options are available and provide simple treatment x please register with a gp asap x

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