does anyone have a hip brace?

I have to wear a brace around my hips - hopefully to prevent my hip from dislocating. I must not take it off or get it wet so personal hygiene is difficult, no baths or showers. It's pretty uncomfortable, not too bad standing or lying flat, I cannot lie on my side .but sitting is not good. Does anyone else have this problem? I would welcome any tips on how to ease my disconfort

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  • Have you spoken to your occupational health therapist?

    There are all sorts of bathing/ showering aids available to allow you to at least stand in a shower.

  • Hi AgedCrone I must not take the brace off or get

    the it wet.

  • I needed something when I broke my ankle & then when I had surgery on my wrist & the physio said you can get all sorts of plastic covers for most parts of your body to enable you to at least shower & wash your hair.

    Why don't you try Googling something like "showering in a plaster body cast"?

    Of course nothing would work in a bath but some sort of plastic cape contraption should work in a shower.

    Let us know how you get on ( photo not necessary!!!!)


  • Thanks I'll look into that, all the best Carol xxx

  • Hi Carol. That's sounds really uncomfortable, haven't come across anyone mention they have to wear one. I was in hospital a few years back with someone who had a body brace for their back, but was temporary, while they recovered from their op. How long to do have to wear this. Sorry not able to offer any advice though. X

  • Hi Gigi Forever! or until my hip is removed (all the metal bits taken out Ug)

  • Oh dear, not so good. I know when I have been immobile after an op, I was able to have care nurses help me wash and dress, this is only for a short while. Have you been assessed at home by a physio, they are often able to suggest something suitable. I just wish I could be more helpful. Take care. X

  • Hi Gigi thank you for your post. I did have care to help me wash and dress for a few weeks when I came home from hospital last year, Since then my husband has been doing the 'honours'. I will ask the physios. if there are any ways to keep the brace dry in the shower as suggested, I just wondered if there was anyone on this site who had to wear a brace, I'm sure that I cannot be the only one. wishing you well Carol xxx

  • A friend of my sister kept on dislocating one of her hips, happened about 5 times. This was on the first hip replacement she had. Fortunately another op remedied this. She has osteoarthritis, just wondering if anyone on the Pain concern Forum can help. Wishing you all the best. X

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