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Hi hopefully someone will answer my question. i have been told i got Arthritis in both knees suffered for two years with my left knee my right knee for 4 years getting stiff told need my cartridge doing . did say will it make it better answer no so i decline to have op done i said i will wait until my knee goes so they have to replace it. now my both hips are pain ful i had xray my hips have cartridge damage but not much council but in hand rails in my home but i find it hard going up and down stairs even getting into the shower my hips hurt i dont claim any PIP just on jobseekers. wondering can i get more help its painful to walk but its bearable. any advise would be great.

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Hi Billy - I'm US so not any help with the PIP questions, but I'm sorry that you are where you are. My hips are now involved too and it is very difficult some days to go up and down stairs.

It is my understanding that NRAS here has a hot line that you can call and they can help you with a variety of questions. Maybe give them a call or pop them a note?

Ah yes - The knee surgeries. I was told 4 years ago that I needed microsurgery on both knees, but couldn't because I had to work on my mother in law's house (she fell one too many times and they would not let her go back home..). I did take herbs for the knees and within a year or so it made a huge difference... I never did have the surgery, and think I need to start ramping up the herbs again for my hips..

Sending you gentle hugs, Caeryl


Hi Billy

You don't say what type of arthrits you have, I'm just wondering what medication your on, if any? It seems that your arthritis isn't under control and a call to your rheumatologist would be needed to discuss your medication,asap.

Please dont suffer in silence, sometimes we have to make a lot of noise to be heard.


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