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Humira side effects?

I've been on Humira for a couple of years & have had a cough & shortness of breath for much of that time. I've also had another serious illness so kept thinking that these were part of that condition; I didn't know that Humira has these side effects listed until I was reading the information. I also get hot flushes & am way past menopause.

Humira dos help my RA though.

Has anyone else experienced these side effects?

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I have been on Humira since January 2012. What a difference it made. Almost instant change from a pathetic being, often unable to get dressed, wash my hair, carry anything, etc.etc. to almost "normal" again. Your post made me look at the possible side effects of Humira again. Goodness what an enormous list. Don't we all suffer some of them anyway. I do suffer a cough, shortness of breath and excessive sweating at times. Also now have polycythaemia vera, a red blood condition, probably not due to Humira possibly linked to RA.

Humira is my wonder drug. My message is, if it works well for you don't worry too much about the side effects. However, list them and discuss with your Rhuemy specialist.


My liver count went way up and had to get off .


Yes I have had a bad chest infection an shortness of breath , to go for chest x Ray tomorrow .. My hot flushes have come back too ! I am on Embrel injections but I am scared of the side effects .


I am on Enbrel injections since March all was well until October bad chest infection coughing an wheezing. Doc ordered chest x Ray and ECG . ECG abnormal . Fed up now an blaming all this on injections need to speak to gp


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