Cold turkey

Hi, I am new to this site. I have recently had a small skin cancer removed and have had to stop taking my RA medication as they increase the risk of a recurrence. The consultant says we can try another drug if I can't manage with anti inflammatory tablets, but ideally I should try without first. This is for a couple of years. My RA has been very well controlled by the drugs and I'm a bit nervous of what is to come! Anyone else gone through this who can offer advice?

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  • Hi Sue. I have have 3 smal skin cancers removed over a 3 year period and many pre cancers zapped. I also have a chemotherapy cream to use when one appears. I have just had a biopsy on my lip, results on Monday. I am under a Dermatologist for this, I was made aware that Humira and Azathoprine can cause this, I have come off Azathoprine and gone on to Methotrexate and I was supposed to go on Rituximab in August but changed my mind as Humira has been a great drug for me, been on it for 8 years. Having had RA for 31 years, have found along the way meds unfortunately have side effects. It's a balance really and a personal choice. I had to come off voltarol in June when they stopped making it, my doctor wouldn't give me indemeticine due to age and high bp so I have Naproxen which itself interacts with one on the bp meds, but we have agreed I can still have it as I have regular blood tests. I do hope you find a a solution for you. Good luck.

  • Interesting! Sounds as though you have a lot going on. I can't take naproxen but I hear it works well for many. I've only had RA for about 5 years, so a definite newbie in comparison. Hope your biopsy result is good.

  • Hi Sue. The results on Monday were good, it's a mole. They will keep me under review every 6 months. I had another red scaly patch on my leg I noticed on Friday, he said to use the cream (efedix) for a month if not improved to get fast tracked to see him. I hope you are feeling ok without your meds.

  • I too had a skin cancer removed & my Rheumy told me there are certain RA drugs that are contra indicated....but said not to worry as there are plenty that can be taken. i have had to move on to Biologics & altho I would have preferred the injectable type .......i felt I would have more control...probably quite wrongly .....lI have just had my first two infusions of RTX & all seems OK!

    So don't despair your rheumatologist will be able to prescribe the right meds for you,

  • Thanks for your comments. Hopefully I won't need too much but it is good to know alternatives are available.

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