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Twitchy right eye

Hi all,

Just to say have not been on here for some time, I had chest pains last March so went to a and e where they discovered infection round heart periocardititus and sepsis where I was admitted and treated but while they were doing checks they discovered a mass in my chest which turned out to be a benzine Timor with a carcinoma teratoma in it all removed now at guys terrific hospital but my doctors missed abnormal X Ray back in 2001 it has been a long road of problems with the RA and now my right eye is twitching and blurred vision but feel frightened to have anymore tests

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Please see your GP who hopefully will send you to an eye specialist, if only to put your mind at rest. I can understand how you feel with everything you have been through, it could be stress related, but to be on the safe side its best to go. Good luck.


Thanks Gigi71, Took your advice and went to A and E eye department and they confirmed eye ulcer starting which I was given steroid drops and chlorophenamin drops, have had this before but the symptons were different this time giving my spasms ion the eyelid it looks like it is related to the RA, No real cure but each time it happens will have to go to A and E :(

Just glad it wasn.t anything to sinister. Thanks again.


So pleased to hear you did go and the outcome was treatable. It seems we always have something popping up with RA. I spoke to my rheumatologist the other night when she called with my X-ray results, as well as referring me for a ct scan she is going to request an earlier appointment with my eye specialist as she thinks it could be inflammation. Take good care of yourself.

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Hi Gigi71, Hope your problem is sorted soon, it seems inflamation is always at the root of any problems.

Good Luck

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