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Next time I moan about the NHS remind me about this

So after gearing myself up to plunder my, frankly limited, resources in order to see my consultant before my January appointment due to the fact that I seem to be heading in the wrong direction health wise, this morning I called his secretary.

Got through to her first attempt and two hours later she calls me with a November NHS appointment.

Just the relief of knowing that I won't be left high and dry has helped!

Plus yesterday my son had an asthma attack at school and his own gp saw him pretty much straight away.

When it works it's truly amazing. It's just when it doesn't.....

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You're right when things go well they go very well and we are so grateful, but we always seem to remember the bad things.

I know we are all ready to take a knock at the NHS on occasion, and sometimes with good reason but on the whole it's a good service and on more than one occasion if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here to say that.




Great news!

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Yep, the NHS is an actual lifesaver, long may it continue and us lot never take it for granted. My grandfather used to tell me stories about his life without it, absolutely devastating and I pass this on to my kids so they never forget how it could be!!

Glad you are feeling better.


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