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Creaky Joints

My joints are always creaky it seems. My elbows, ankles, toes, wrists, knees, and fingers. Fingers and toes are the worse when it comes to this sensation and i can hear it in my fingers when i put them up to my ear. I research a lot and suspect OA but of course i can't determine that I'm awaiting tests from my doctors but they don't take me serious enough to care as I've stated in my previous posts with even more symptoms. I'm also getting middle high back pain which i looked up and it also said it could be related to OA but also other things. It said it connects to my sternum also which i have a bone spur on my chest in the middle that's on the manubrium of my sternum causing chest pains so i feel like their connected. I dunno i may just have to get mean with my doctors bc what i go through is real and is over looked by people who don't know what their doing bc their not specialist

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Am I right in thinking that in an earlier post you say you are only 18 years? Because if that's correct I would like to reassure you that creaky, popping, and noisy joints are not uncommon at that age. Both my sons' joints were like that at your age. The eldest you could always hear coming downstairs from a room away as both knees clicked on every tread, he sounded like a robot! The youngest has fingers and knuckles that he can click and pop like crackers going off. It used to worry me but both boys (now 36 and 26 years respectively ) have grown up with no problems even though I have both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid.

The fact that you are still young; still growing, may be contributing to your noisy joints. Ask the doctors this. My eldest son also used to get ferocious 'growing pains' in his ligaments, (he is very tall and thin) - these are unexplained but harmless and ordinary painkillers ease them. While you are waiting for test results, try not to dwell on your worries as this will make them seem worse, and try not to google too much too: bear in mind anyone can post anything and not everything on Dr Google is true and supported by professionals.

I hope you get some reassurance soon.


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