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MTX injections


My two year old pmr seems to have morphed into sero negative RA - that's according to my brilliant rheumy. I have been on MTX for six months (10mg) with limited success. Wrists, shoulder, ankle still painful. Just been seen today and have been advised to change to MTX injections as the uptake might be better. Advice please one versus the other?

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Hi Pat9442,

I changed from MTX tablets to injections due to side effects so not quite the same thing however I understand from reading around the different ways of receiving the meds that the injections may work slightly better as they don't have to be processed in your stomach but go straight into your system. (Think I've got that right). So in your case they may be more effective.

Good luck and I hope the injections work better for you.

10mg is an unusually low dose. How often do you take it? If once a week then it would be worth discussing upping the dose before considering injections.

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I tried 15mg orally and was as sick as a parrot! Hence trying the injections

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I would take to your nurse, I have started on the injections and they have wiped me out, also I have learnt that the injections are stronger than the tablets because they go straight into your system.

Would check it all out

10mg is a very low dose.

Uptake via injection is higher, so 10mg should be more effective, with, theoretically, fewer side effects.

I would have thought you need a higher dose if it's not controlled.

I agree 10mg seems low, I went from 15mg tabs to 12.5 injections to start with and after 2 weeks up to 15mgs. Side effects are less but still swollen and sore wrists ankles knees etc...probs upping again when i see rheumy again in 6 weeks. M x

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