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MTX injections advice


Hi all been told I now have to start injecting mtx myself as my liver enzymes are way to high anyone else on here have to inject if so how is it cos I hate needles! 😥

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Hiya Mebee. I bet if you asked around nobody would say they like needles! I've been injecting MTX over 9 years, initially with prefilled syringes but for the last 6 years autoinject pens, Metoject. You will be shown how to do it initially & then the nurse will probably oversee you doing it yourself, or that's what happened to me. If you’ve never needed to before injecting yourself can be daunting but the pens really are quite simple, the needle is encased within the pen & you push a button which releases the needle, still within the sheath. To be truthful I at times struggle as occasionally my OA affected thumb refuses to do as it's told but generally it's ok. I inject into my tum (alternate sides each week, pinching an inch) though I did try my thigh, the other place we're told it's best to do it, but I found I bruised more easily. I found the antiseptic wipe made the injection sting so I don't use any more but do inject in the morning straight after my shower as my skin is nice & clean. A little tip... I write L or R on the box when I receive my pens, it saves me wracking my brain which side I injected the week before.

The video in this link may help explain further until you're shown how to inject

I'm sure you'll be fine once you’ve done it a few times.

Hey Mebee. Try not to worry. If it’s metojet it looks nothing like a normal needle and syringe. And it’s so easy to use. You’ll soon get use to doing it. I had same problem as yourself and liver function tests almost back to normal since injecting. The anticipation is more daunting than the actual injection.

Genuinely did not feel injections at all with metoject & you cannot see the needle or watch it going in as all enclosed by plastic casing. Good luck 😉

Right ....... I started injections 8 weeks ago and I can honestly say it’s a doddle pain free. I use a nordiment pen it’s the size of a slim marker pen. I take the lid off pinch my thigh and just press and count to ten. No pain what’s so ever. I’ve had no nausea and any bloating has gone and my liver is better behaved😁😁😁😁 WIN WIN

I’ve been injecting for about five years - initially with a pre-filled syringe, then with a Metoject pen. Like everyone else I was a bit squeamish to start with but it really is a doddle.

I do the same as Nomoreheels except I pinch more than an inch (😂😂) and I do mine before bed so I can sleep off any yucky feelings.

I had raised LFTs but they are much better controlled now.

Be brave, be positive and you will be fine x

Hi Mebee there’s nothing to worry about as the metro jet pens you don’t feel anything just a wee scratch xxx

I was totally needle phobic, but I managed and now have two injections each week without problem. My sisters’ were completely amazed that I managed! Be brave, and then be very proud that you did it!

I inject MTX and Benepali. Much prefer Metoject as can’t feel it at all, it’s really easy. Clemmie

Just like to thank everyone for advice and comments love this community and feel a lot happier with Fridays appointment. 🙂

I agree with all of the other replies also apprehensive before trying it - but no problem when you actually try. One tip from my experience with the Metoject pens - just hold it in place for a count of 10 after the injection itself has completed. Before that, I was occasionally getting a small leak of MTX afterwards.

Hi I have been injecting for a long time . Now they have preloaded pens so it's quick easy and doesn't hurt .

Just an update went to the hospital they showed me how to use the pen and all is fine.

Noticed they have given my folic acid tablets but my doctor told me to stop taking them while my enzymes where high so now I’m confused do I start taking them again after mtx.

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