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Arthritis & Self-Employment


Hi Folks, I just noticed a little ad about the online support for arthritis sufferers whilst at hospital this morning. I have had OA for over 15 years and RA (sero-negative) for at least 8 years. Apart from the pain, the main problem is tiredness affecting my ability to work a full week. If there are any other self-employed sufferers out there, I would like to know how you manage? Thanks.

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I'm retired now but, yes, lots of us will be reading this and saying "Oh, the fatigue is the worst enemy".

MY answer has to be planning, planning and more planning. Do whatever you can when you can, don't put it off, you may feel more tired later/tomorrow. Have plans for when you can't do things, back ups, and don't do anything that you don't absolutely HAVE to do. Get help for things that don't HAVE to be done by you. Readjust your aims to things you can do this week, next week, and the week after. All easy to say and difficult to do, I know!

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