Tummy bug

So after being at work every day for 8 months (well not every day, but when shifted to be there), I get taken down by a tummy bug which has triggered my IBS. Not a happy teddy bear. Ate my first proper meal yesterday, I will draw a veil over the results. Saw Dr again 4th time in 9 days and am back on toast, (yuck).

But I forgot to ask about MTX. I took it last week, but should I have? And what about tomorrow? Thoughts ladies and gentlemen....

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Personally I would leave out the MTX, but then it used to give me diarrhoea anyway. One dose isn't going to make a big different to the control of your RD, and might avoid you making your irritable gut more irritable. But if you can speak to your rheumy team, that would be best. If not why not ask the pharmacist?


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