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Asthma in RA

I was diagnosed with asthma when i was young but as i got older i kinda grew out of it hadnt had an attack in a very very long time. Until a week ago i started waking up at night in attacks is there any relation RA and asthma? This is really strange as i never thought i would have to deal with this again but its only at night when sleeping i wake up in an asthma attack. Any suggestions

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I have had asthma all my life. Then i grew out of it, i then made the mistake of working in a cardboard factory. I haven't suffered so much with my asthma for a long while. Thirteen years ago i came down with ra and in the last few years i have got fibro and cfs to add to the ra. My asthma though well controlled has been a bit more troublesome since. My asthma is certainly a lot worse in later years,but i think it is due to my age i am 60yrs. I get more chest infections as well.xxxxx

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