Washing up

Hi staying with my brother who lives in Suffolk. Looked at the washing up from last night and thought I would help out. Now I'm regretting it. Taken some pain relief hope this helps.

At home my partner does virtually everything for me. So frustrating for me when I was so independent prior to all this happened last year.

Just wish my employer understands this condition a bit more. The way they speak to me it's like it's a short term problem and will go away. Been pressured into reducing my hours to 3 days a week. Not sure how I'm going to to cope with less money.

Can't get any financial help from benefits because I will still earn too much. Tried PIP but turned down. Will try again in a few months. Been to CAB and they will help my apply again.

Off to spend some time with my son in the lovely county of Suffolk.

Hope you have a good day

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Have a lovely time Matilda, and leave any washing up etc :-)

My OH does virtually everything for me too these days and it is hard to adjust to not helping isn't it.

The fact that you find ordinary things like that so painful must count towards PIP though, and with CAB helping you, you must stand a good chance of getting it this time.



Dear Matilda_1922,

Not all benefits are means-tested, many are based on how the symptoms of RA affect your everyday life and so are available to those who are earning. PIP is one of these benefits and is split into daily living and mobility components. CAB are an excellent resource and will help you through the application process but do talk to them about other options available to you - NRAS has lots of information as well on our website: We have publications on PIP and a more general one on benefits too.

I'm sorry to hear that your employer is not very understanding. Please do consider getting a copy of our 'employer's guide' as it might help explain the disease better, particular how it fluctuates and how it is very much a long-term condition and is covered by the disability act.

I do hope you have a lovely time with your son in Suffolk and do contact us if you need any further information.

Kind regards


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Thank you

I will try again with the CAB suport


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