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Increased nasal congestion since starting hydroxychloroquine

I normally suffer with

I usually suffer with nasal congestion for a number of years and under an ENT consultant.

I started hydroxychloroquine approx 9 weeks ago apart from the increase in nausea since being added to MXT I have had an increase in my nasal congestion too. I just wondered if this is to do with hydroxychloroquine or not. It's now getting so bad that I have difficulty breathing through my nose. I am also experiencing small nose bleeds too.

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Funny enough I've been experiencing nasal congestion this last couple of months. Can't be certain to the cause, but I did have my hydroxy increased from 200 - 400mgs around the time it started. Some food for thought there.


I started on 400mg split in two in May and nasal congestion increased by June. I will mention this next time I have an appointment.


Definitely worth asking rheumy about it. Mine's not bad so doesn't really bother me, but I was wondering how it's persisting.

Appreciate it if you'd let me know what they say.

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Forgot to add - my 400mg is also split in two. I've never taken 400mg in one go.


I too have been suffering the same 'yellow thickness' since going onto the Hydroxychloroquine 200 with MTX & SSZ Triple therapy... (6 Weeks Now) I can't breath through my nose at night, constantly having to use nasal sprays, trying to blow my nose is a nightmare, 'popped' my ear last week & coughing a lot first thing in the morning trying to get it out.. I've had a mild sniffle since the MTX but this is too much to cope with..

I hate taking all these drugs.. nothing seems to work as still get pain & swelling, they say it can't be that bad as my bloods seem ok.. but they have a 'set' regime to follow so just have to wait until my next appt to request something else.. I don't see how they can be working if I get bunions grow in a week if they are!?

I hope you get some sense out of your Rheumy when you get to see them,

Best wishes & Keep us informed


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