Hysterectomy prob ? related to RA

I had a hysterectomy by keyhole surgery 2 weeks ago - not for the usual reasons tho. My vagina was fused at the top making smear testing impossible for some years. My surgeon said that usually after having children, all the muscles and ligaments are lax, but in my case everything was taut and rigid, making surgery very difficult! My uterus was also bent back and fused to the wall of the vagina. My question is - could this be anything to do with my RA?? The surgeon mentioned simething about unusuak connective tissues, but he didn't really know. I know it's academic now but I am just curious!

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  • I have never heard of it i am afraid to say.xxxxx

  • I had to have "the op" a few years back due to endometriosis sticking my tummy together. Didn't have RA back then though.

  • Hi Jane,

    Hope this is of some help, obviously this is my own experience but I think it does make sense. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2002 ,pulmonary fibrosis last year and fibromyalgia in January. I also now have problems with my nerves in my hands arms and shoulders and due to have an operation which should help. Some days I struggle with pressure in my ankles going up the back of my legs. I know this seems like a lot and I was starting to feel like a hypochondriac but saw my rheumatologist last month who explained my pulmonary fibrosis is due to rheumatoid nodules in my lungs and scaring. But this is very rare. The other problems are related to RA also, it means your body's immune system is also attacking other tissues in your body, so because of the RA in my wrists for quite a few years now its affecting my nerves which is a connective tissue. My arms and shoulders is pain in my muscles (hopefully having some deep muscle injections soon ) but the muscles are another connective tissue. Also your ligaments and cartlidge are connective tissue s. So if you have more than one connective tissue that is causing you problems they class it as connective tissue disease. This is what my consultant explained to me. Because its a rheumy condition that's maybe why the gynecologist didnt quite know what it meant.

    The other thing is that most rheumatologist now believe that we should not be classed as having rheumatoid arthritis but rheumatoid disease,which I think makes sense, it would probably make people more aware as I'm sure anyone whos got RA as had someone say to them" oh yes I get arthritis now I'm older"

    Hope that makes sense Jane, take care Linda x

  • Thank you for the lovely long reply! Yes it does make sense. I also have hypothyroidism and autoimmune hepatitis. And yes I agree it should be termed RD and not RA! I just go along with what the majority call it. I am generally controlled on methotrexate and Enbrel, but I imagine things have been changing inside for some years! Thank you again anyway x

  • Yes Jane I totally agree, I now attend a duel clinic seeing a rheumatologist and lung consultant in Leicester. With all the different symptoms and illnesses I have they both agree everything leads back to RA. I think its the same with any auto immune disease, once your immune system is compromised other parts of your body can be affected (my opinion ) x

  • I agree! X

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