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Do you live in Kent? This information may be of use to you

Physical Disability Network and Forum

In Kent, there already exist networks and 'forums' for older people/seniors, people

who have a learning disability, mental health issues, autism, or use sensory

services. There is no such county wide forum for people who have a physical


These forums act as a powerful platform for members of the public to raise,

discuss and influence decisions about services. They are also a great mechanism

for organisations to work with and listen to members of the public.

We intend to create a similar network and forum for people with physical

disabilities to enable them to amplify their voice and ensure their opinions and

experiences are heard by the people who deliver and commission services.

What are we trying to achieve?

A Kent wide network that people who have physical disabilities can join and a

forum where they can discuss common issues and work with organisations to

improve services and the day to day experiences of people who have a physical


We plan to create a central Kent group which will link to local groups across Kent.

How are we going about it?

 Healthwatch and Centre for Independent Living, Kent (CiLK) are working

together to contact existing groups and individuals

 We also want to reach people who wouldn’t normally join groups or

organisations and give them a voice

 We want to involve carers and service providers too

How can you get involved?

 Do you know of any groups or individuals that we could contact?

 Would you like to be a member of the network yourself?

 Can you share the information with anyone you think would be interested?

For more information contact George Sapiets, Project Manager on or 07881-927297

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