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Disability Tax Credit- Canadians take notice !!

I was recently diagnosed with RD,Fibro, heart condition etc.. As many of you know, many, many things can cause critical illness or injury. The government acknowledges the extensive added costs to health care management. I.e travel to app'ts, meds, supplements, treatments not covered by insurance. Whatever the costs maybe. The Disability Tax Credit (DTC), applies to a very wide variety of ailments and injury. This also pertains to the individual providing care . The tax allows for ten years of back time. This is to allow the many people who where unaware of tax credit to go back. There is a 40,000 cap.


There are several companies out there charging unsuspecting ind 30-40% to apply on your behalf. This is NOT necessary. The process has been simplified. This was done in an effort to discourage this scammers. I have completed the forms and received approval. It is very easy.

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