Tried to look online to find out if I can take an antihistamine while taking methotrexate and cannot find any answers. I had a bad case of prickly heat about 6 years ago and ever since then I have taken antihistamine roughly one month before going on holiday. I was in the sun for a few hours yesterday going indoors and outdoors as it was very warm. Today I have a rash under my skin on both arms. Does anyone know if I am able to have antihistamine? Thanks in advance 😀

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  • Yes, I have them on prescription, and am on 20mg MTX. Hope they do the trick! M x

  • Oh that's good, thanks x

  • Hope they work!!x

  • Hi- I get a rash a bit like that when I have a hot bath now. It soon goes

  • I have, but check with the pharmacist.

  • yes you can ,I checked with my pharmacist, it all depends on all your meds , so please check first.

  • I'm on daily Cetirizine permanently to tolerate the morphine patches as well as methotrexate. If you can speak to a pharmacist they'll direct you to the best one, I'd say avoid Puriton if it's made you drowsy in the past as the effect is likely to be amplified by any other drugs that suggest that. Hope that helps

  • If you are ever in any doubt about meds combinations, the best person to ask is your pharmacist. They have access to all the drug interaction checkers much easier than even doctors do, as well as usually understanding the meds better. If you are happy that you understand medications fairly well and to take responsibility for checking yourself, then has a medication interaction checker, though it can take a bit of knowledge to understand how serious the interactions actually are.

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