Belladona Plasters?

Hi everyone, wondering if anyone has ever used Belladona plasters? My dad bought me these and I tried them last Wednesday when I was working...after my shift id felt no benefit so removed them no worries... However!! I actually still, a week later have a square line rash on both knees (where the edge of the plaster was 🙈) I was thinking it would just disappear but no luck yet 😂 Just wondering if anyone has had similar reaction? Google showing no results?


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  • Belladonna? Isn't that deadly nightshade?n😳

  • That doesn't sound good 😂🙈

  • That sounds as though it's a reaction to the adhesive of the plaster. I'd see your GP, you may be prescribed a low percentage hydrocortisone cream to apply to the rash area. Did the steroid injection not help you Kirsty? x

  • Thanks! I'll try that!! The plaster was before the steroids. The steroids are really starting to work well again. My hands when I wake up are barely sore at all and my knees are getting better too. Still working away 12.5 hour shifts so inevitably a bit sore after work but yen it's quite good.


  • I'm pleased the steroid's now easing things. I know your dad was only trying to help but hopefully you'll be ok now til you start your meds. Rest as much as you can after work, I think you're doing well given you're working such long hours. x :)

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