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Feeling good

The last two plus weeks have not been good. It started when I have a lovely mushroom omelette which caused a bad flare that took four days ish to recover from. Thence I tried peanuts which took another four days. And in this time I was travelling so unable to control my diet generally. And although I was seeing signs of improvement due to my dietary changes (ie the odd day or night without pain) I was still unable to walk much since my ankles inflamed after 10 mins standing.

I am now in a good place. MTX+paracetemol. Almost no pain and my ankles and wrists are not getting inflamed half as much and yesterday I walked a lot. I say a lot, I am not talking miles, you understand. I am talking about driving to the shop, getting in/out of car with little pain, walking round the shop without thinking "why the f**k did I do this" every step of the way.

I came to the end of the day & thought, "I have almost felt like a human being."

I am not out of the woods. A doctor's appt reported that I am anaemic and so I booked an endoscopy and had another blood test. But I can see chinks of light, I can see chinks of light.

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Oo that wouldn't do for me Andy, I love a mushroom omelette & my comfort food when nothing else appeals is peanut butter on toast! Sorry they affect you though & that MTX works well for you, it does for me too. Near normality is a good place to be!

I've been through attempting to find out the cause of anaemia with my h last year. The Gastrologist couldn't pinpoint a cause & decided it must just have been the amount of blood lost from 2 invasive ops, one in February & again in August. His GP prescribed a couple of different iron tablets & liquid ferrous fumarate/folic acid with no improvement. What eventually helped was two iron infusions & one of magnesium as his latest test came back as just short of normal for him.

I hope it's easily determined what the cause of your anaemia is & that the scope comes back clear of anything internal.


Thanks but as I said his Hb levels are just short of normal & as he now recognises the signs & not having any then all's ok. It remains to be seen if the same will happen again following his upcoming op, though as he's in the high risk category he's been advised the same will apply. Depending on how low it drops low again (if it does) he'll be fast-tracked to our hospital's Urgent Care again who'll test his blood & give him another IV iron infusion, that's if it's necessary.

Couldn't open the Pernicious Anaemia link by the way, it's locked to community only. Thanks again.


Hello. Sorry you're feeling poorly but it's fabulous that you made it out to the shops though it must have been hard. Well done! May those little chinks of light turn into school huge sunbeam soon!!

All the best.

Cas xx 🌷


I never new mushrooms or peanut butter triggers a flare....but then again I hate mushrooms :)

Take care of yourself



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