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I recently asked my doc for antidepressant and was prescribed Sertraline.  I am not feeling its helping and wonder what other ones are compatible with methotrexate.  I am a bit wary of Sertraline as I read that it is not ideal for people who have had cancer.  So I want to see what experiences any of you have had on this topic please.  Thank you.

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I use sertraline for depression and I find it really does work after a couple of months, maybe stick at it for a while longer.

It is the latest thing so to speak lol, I have mine for depression because I have dementia, don't give up.


Thanks Philip.  Very helpful and I will carry on with it.  Sorry to hear of your condition.  Its dreadful.  I wish you lots of good luck.


I've been taking Sertraline for a week now, and  it takes around 4-6 weeks to take effect.  I haven't heard that bit about it not being ideal for people who have had cancer though.  Have you thought of trying Azathioprine?


Hi.  Not heard of that one. Will check it out. Thanks.  There is some research saying its better for breast cancer patients to not use sertraline.  Have to convince my gp.  There are very few antidepressants that are safe with breast cancer.  Those that are don't mix with methotrexate . thanks for your thoughts tho.


HI Cathy I take sertraline for meloncoly depression and I  found it works well, but you do have to give it a bit longer to kick in. I have been on it for 5 months.

Carol x


Hello Cathy, I've been taking Sertraline for a bit more than a month now (first 50mg then after 2 weeks 100mg) and have been told it can take quite some time to kick in properly. However, I think it has had some (subtle) effect: I am sort of more balanced now I used to have frequent and intense mood swings and now I rarely get really down (or really hyperactive/euphoric). I will give it a few more weeks.

I am taking Simponi, Leflunomide and Isotretinoin alongside it and have never heard that there is any reason you shouldn't. I can't imagine it's different for MTX (but better as your GP!).

Wish you the best of luck with the Sertraline (and everything else!),

Christine xx


Hi Cathy

I've been on sertraline for longer than I care to remember. I recall after the first few weeks / months thinking like skinnycappuccino but after years I am not so sure it has much effect. 

I have tried to come off it a couple of times, once I went back on during a difficult phase and once I felt like rubbish so gave up. 

I am currently reducing the massive dose of morphine I have been on for the last few years (due to firstly a deteriorating knee that is now replaced, and then multiple prolapsed discs which are looking like they will never recover). Once I have done that I may attempt the sertraline again and see what happens. 

I am not aware of any current side-effects or issues with it, I'm just having one of those phases where I want to get off as much as I possibly can. Let's face it they can't be good for you long-term.




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