Burning knees

Hi everyone hope you are all well. Please can anybody help me, I've got really burning knees, they feel hot all the time, and with it I get a burning pain down my left shin of my leg, my right leg doesn't burn, it's really annoying, does anybody else suffer with this with RA? Or do you think it could be something else. Hope somebody can give me some advice.


Lady B 😔x

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  • Are your hips OK? Sometimes pain in the knees, and down the leg, comes from the hips or from the sciatic nerve in the back, if you are not getting swelling actually in the knees with the burning pain. 

  • Hi old timer, 

    Thanks for your reply, as you mention it I do get slight pain in my hips when I walk, I don't get swelling as such in the knee cap, but on my left leg just under the knee cap its swells slightly, it's really odd as to touch my leg it doesn't feel hot and dissent go red. It's just the burning sensation, do you think this could just happen in one leg, as they say with RA, it usually effects both sides of the body don't they. Or maybe one could be worse than the other. Thanks again.

    Lady B 😊x

  • I also get sciatica (like anybody else, not particularly due to RD, but after planting some apple trees in the rain years ago!) and that can give me odd sensations of burning or like water pouring down my leg. As long as I do my exercises and pay attention to my posture with the Alexander technique I have been learning, the prolapsed disc doesn't now give much trouble at all.

    But you need a diagnosis, so perhaps ask your GP, rheumatologist or physiotherapist?

  • Thank you for your advice old timer some useful information for me, I will be seeing my consultant rheumatologist soon, so I will ask her about this burning in the leg. It could be sciatica as well, hopefully get some sort of idea what it could be, it's very annoying though this burning. And yes it also does give you a sense of cold water running down the leg, it's awful. Thanks again, hugs

    Lady B 😊x

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