Help, humira

Hi I just start my first humira injection last Friday, I had the worst reaction I had the worst Body aches with a huge headache could not sleep all night went to ER in the morning it felt like I had the worst cold of my life at this point the doctor doesn't know if it was a virus or actually a reaction from humira I need to wait 2 weeks to take it again if I get the same reaction that's the injection.. Does any body got any reactions to humira.. Thanks in advance for you're help.

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  • When I first started taking Humira I got awful crushing headaches but each time they were less bad than the time before and within about 4 injections, they had stopped completely. So give it time because Humira is great when it works. Unfortunately it stopped working for me after 14 months and I've recently changed to Enbrel which is giving me huge site reactions which are most unpleasant. Clemmie

  • I also had nasty Injection site reactions (ISRs) with enbrel, although it worked well, and have now started on Humira.......and have had 2 small ISRs...not bad enough to discontinue..but not sure how much good it is doing me! I have a very swollen ankle today which isn't what I was expecting.

  • Oh thanks for you're advice I'm sorry it did not worked for you, I did try Enbrel for a month and I got a rush on my skin so I stop and it did not help at all I don't know at this point what to try next.

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