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Hi guysI've been reading lots on probiotics, gut and possible link to autoimmune problems. The studies seem to suggest that taking these type of supplements might help inflammation in RA. I'm thinking of getting some but just thought I'd ask if anyone else has tried them and if they helped and what exactly you took?

Thanks in advance for any information.

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I take them on and off. It's hard to say what good they do but I take them anyway. I've had expensive ones that live in the fridge (and are very easy to forget to take!) and I've had cheaper ones Optibak or something like that that I got from the pharmacy part of Tesco, that lived on the breakfast table and that I took every morning because they were there.

I think going GF, stopping taking bread / grains - even 'good' grains and potatoes, ( it's a long story but I discovered they really spike my blood sugar ) I'm getting my carbs from vegetables these days and cutting out bread, sweets, processed and junk food, diet drinks etc plus increasing my vegetable intake has probably helped my gut as much as anything although I do take probiotics when I remember but that isn't really a fair test.

Not sure I've really answered your question but hopefully you will find something there to help.


I started probiotics when I stopped taking Lansaprazole for gastric reflux. Lanasaprazole made me constantly nauseous and I have found the probiotics to help with this, they didn't seem to help for anything else though. I don't take them everyday just when I remember.


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