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I saw my GP this morning and thankfully he has given me an injection into the base of my finger, it was extremely painful whilst he did it but hopefully it will work and give me some relief. He said he has injected anaesthetic too so when it wears off I can expect to have some pain. I have to rest it tomorrow and can go back to work Wednesday. My job involves a fair bit of typing so it needs to improve. He said he can feel another finger 'catching' and asked if that one bothers me. It is starting to stick occasionally but for now I will see how it goes. He said if it doesn't work or the other finger gets worse I can make an appointment to see him and he will inject the other finger too. I then explained that I had had difficulty getting the appointment to see him and also told him about the Rheumy Advice Line not being able to return calls or e-mails at the moment. He said he didn't know about that and is going to look into it, he said someone should always be available for advice. If I can't get an appointment with him he said to ask the receptionist to leave him a message and he will get back to me and sort something. He was very helpful, I can understand why he is usually fully booked. So I am having a lazy couple of days now. Hope you are ok and the rain has stopped where you are, at last!

Sue X

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Good news , hope it improves very soon X


That's great Sue. Not something you want to have done every day but the result is worth it. Despite my Rheumy's thoughts mine's not returned as bad as it was, thankfully, hope the same for you. x


I had 2 injections in my left hand before Xmas (I have 2 "sticky" fingers) and am feeling the benefit now. Make sure you rest the hand properly, no lifting or gripping hard for about 4 weeks, you could damage it. All the best!

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Thanks your reply. The doctor said to rest it for a couple of days. I am going back to work tomorrow if I can but will have to see how it feels as I use the computer all day which involves quite a lot of typing. This morning I can't lay my hand flat. My fingers are curling downwards and the ring finger which was injected is very sore and tight. Do you think that is usual and could just be the swelling. I had injections years ago for trigger finger in my other hand and it was fine, no pain or swelling at all, having said that I didn't have R.D then. X


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