Just the thing !!!!

I was having a bad time the last few days because of the pain. I am waiting to see the RA nurse on the 18th but then received a call from my son to say I have a new granddaughter, Indiana Eve! Born 3:30 this morning, 7 weeks early and weighing 3.11oz. 7 weeks early. My daughter in law had developed gestational diabetes and that led to preeclampsia. They are both doing well and that has made me feel so much better.

Mary x

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  • Oh, that's lovely news Mary, congratulations! Nothing like a new baby in the family for lifting the spirits, my niece gave birth to a baby girl a few days before Christmas, delivered at home she came so quickly. :)

  • Congratulations. Lovely start for the new year. X

  • What a lovely story.

    Nothing better than family.you look after them .and them in times of need .They look after you.lovely

  • As congratulations. I have diabetes with all three and was much better after the delivery ! Happy new year X

  • Thank you all.

    Mary x

  • Congratulations!!! It's such a blessing having grandchildren. Mine are the light of my life! M xx

  • Congratulations --- wonderful start to the New Year. X😊

  • Congratulations to you and your family.

    Jane x

  • Congratulations! I know how much a new baby can lift spirits!


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