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Lumpy hand part 2

On Nov 29th I posted:

"I was diagnosed with seronegative RA in April this year, since then I've been on MTX, SSZ, HCQ, Folic acid, Naproxene and painkillers. I had a steroid injection in the rump in April, another in June and a third in August.

"The joints of my hands are still very hot and stiff, pretty much all day. I've developed a trigger finger on both hands and a third one is developing. Now a lump is gradually growing in my left hand, I first noticed it about 4 weeks ago as a slight bump in the centre of my palm and it's now about 1cm by 1/2cm wide and quite hard. It's not enormously painful, it's uncomfortable to touch but not howling pain. It's also a bit hot."

As nomoreheels and Braecoon suggested, I called the hospital rheumy helpline (answerphone service) the next day (Nov 30th).

After waiting 2 days for a call-back, I was told by a rheumy nurse that she would have to speak to the doctor in charge of my case.

Another 4 days passed before another call-back to say the doctor had advised me to see my GP.

Called my GP for an appointment only to be told that I had to ring between certain times in the morning to have an appointment.

Rang back the next morning, no appointments available, a triage nurse will call you.

That afternoon, triage nurse called, gave me an appointment for yesterday.

Saw GP, she said it's a rheumatoid nodule but that she'd never seen one so inflamed and hot. She said to call the rheumy clinic and get a steroid injection.

Yesterday, as soon as I got back from the GP, I called the physio dept. of the hospital because I was offered a shot for the trigger fingers last time I saw him. He wasn't there. He'll call me back asap.

What a run-around! I was already fatigued, now I'm exhausted!


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Been there done that !! I always say its a full time job trying to sort out meds appointments drs nurses side affects etc etc etc at least you got there in the end I often just give up - as you say its exhausting and that's not due to RA !! take care xx


How's this as an option..... Rheumy nurse offered an intermediate appointment, examined it & gave you a steroid injection..... but that would've been too sensible! It was my Rheumy who gave me a hydrocortisone injection when my trigger finger became locked after my (now retired) GP said it wasn't trigger finger & it would go away in time! She wasn't confident the steroid would last long, she thought it had gone beyond that & said I'd have to have the op but (touch wood) it's not returned as bad as before, only locking occasionally usually as I wake so I suppose I must be making a fist when I'm asleep again.

Hope when you have the injection you have a good result too.

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