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Pain in neck and behind ears

So last Thursday I woke up with horrendous pain in my shoulder and neck. I went to see the GP and he said it was muscle spasms, not related to RA and gave me some codeine.

The pain died down but my neck stay stiff. This evening I'm in a lot of pain with my neck, it's stiff and I can't move it without severe pain. It doesn't help that the rest of me is cronky and sore because I'm waiting on a steroid injection.

Just wondering if anyone has any idea what the heck is wrong with me? I'm also shattered but that could be the codeine.

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My RD started in my neck and shoulder. I woke one morning and literally could not turn my head at all. I thought I must have slept awkwardly or trapped a nerve. Doctor initially diagnosed muscle spasms but as it continued and the stiffness spread to other joints I was referred to Rheumatology. My neck isn't so bad now just flares up from time to time. I know how painful it is and hope you get relief quickly. Let's hope it is muscle spasms and not the RD and it goes quickly never to return. I personally find a warm heat pad helps with the stifness and very gentle exercise, just turning the head as far as is comfortable and holding for a count of five, I repeat this four times, then the same turning the other way. I do this three or four times a day. The physio suggested this for me, but emphasised not to push to point of pain, only what is comfortable. Take care, hope you feel better very soon.

Sue. X

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Hi sorry to hear about your neck, I have been diagnosed 4 years now and am on Enbrel and mtx which have transformed my life for the better. I still get quite a lot of shoulder neck and jaw pain which I am totally convinced is related to my RA , my rheumy nurse confirmed the same. Also steroids take the pain away. it is worse if I do too much and get over tired . I find GP are not the best at diagnosing new R A symptoms so make sure you get your rheumy team to take note and see what they can do. X


Thanks for the replies. I was on sulfasalazine but came off it in October so we can start a family. I'm having a steroid on Thursday and I'm hoping that will help. I feel like I can cope with the pain in my hips and feet and I can cope with the neck pain. I just can't cope with them at the same time!


I'm really surprised if the GP thought it was muscle spasms that he gave you codeine instead of a muscle relaxer. I get really bad muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders and nothing really helps except the muscle relaxers and heat. Hope you get better soon! Hugs.


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