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Ayurvedic med for ITP

Hi All, my RA Factor is over 100 and ESR above 80. Came across the above mentioned article recently. So tried Ashwagandha for 2 weeks. One pill (Himalaya Drugs, India) twice a day. My ESR has reduced to 60 and RA Factor has reduced to 80. CRP has also reduced. Wanted to share it with everyone.

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are you on r.a. drugs and how did you find out about what you,re taking now?


Hi dainty dina, I could not take any meds for RA as they would reduced my platelets further. Since I tend to bleed internally as well as externally, even at 50000, my doc advised me to consult homeopath. Took meds from my homeopath for both ITP as well as RA . But if one showed mild improvement, the other flared up. I keep browsing for information and keep checking out ayurvedic herbs, as the allopaths are unable to do anything for me. Got scared of all the side effects of RA meds that all the good people in this forum write about. That is how I came to know that Turmeric is good for RA, but is bad for my ITP, as it thins the blood. I have been continuously searching for research papers that could help me in finding an alternative cure. Actually cure is not the right word, as auto immune disorders cannot be cured. But I wanted to improve the quality of my life, so the search. I show the articles to my homeopath, and together we decided to try it out. I put the info out, as it might be of use to at least some of the sufferers .


Hi, I forgot to mention that I am from India.

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Hey Padram,

Works like a charm doesn't it!

Have you tried rheishi, rhodiola and tribulus?

You know the score!

As always do your research and ask your doctor. Medicines can negatively interact with natural products. Diet is super important too. ;)

Have a great day and hope this helps.:)


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Hey Padram,

Have you thought about what natural things can increase your platelet count?

Amla for instance increases platelet count and soothes arthritis.

Should be plentiful in your part of the world too! As should shilajit.





Vitamin C

Indian Gooseberries

Sesame Oil


8-10 glasses of water at room temp


Pine pollen tincture

All of these increase platelet count and help with RA, but I guess only you know if they are dangerous to your current state?

I doubt I have to tell you to do your research?

One thing that ups the red count more than anything is increasing testosterone levels. Pine pollen tincture does that amazingly well. Heavy leg exercises like squats do this too. Avoiding estrogens is a big one and cleaning out the bad estrogens in the liver with beetroot juice is a great start.

Remove the bad estrogens and you will respond to the other stuff much better.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Best wishes,


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As I was making my morning cacao smoothie I realised I'd missed a great point regarding this thread. ;)

You don't have to give up the power of curcuminoids just because you can't have curcumin? Have you tried adding black pepper to the mix? You could use a tiny tiny bit of curcumin and turbo charge it with the thermogenic effects of ground black pepper!

In the same way as the supplement bioperine. ;)

If anyone is taking supplements and isn't adding bioperine or for that matter black pepper to all smoothies, juices and dishes then you should be.

Piperine turbo charges supplements and nutrient delivery. The increase in potency of curcumiods is said to be anything from 100's to thousands of times!

Saves money, fights OA and inflammation, is virtually free, and makes food taste great! What's not to like?

Enjoy and have a great day!


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Thank you Wade. You do know so much about herbs. Yes, I do take amla on a daily basis. I have beet and carrot juice every alternate day. To increase my Hemoglobin I take spinach raita( spinach and curd). Definitely it has increased my hemoglobin from 8 to 12. No amount of iron tablets did the trick. As for sesame oil, I cook with it. I also soak a teaspoon of black sesame in a glass of water at night and have it the next morning. It is so rich in calcium . I have not yet tried wheat grass. Will try that too. I am lucky to be living in India. My G P listens to me, as does my Homeopath. Unfortunately my hematologist was not interested in my dabbling with alternative medicine, so I stopped seeing him. I now take papaya leaf extract for my ITP. In 2 weeks my count has gone up to 150000. I need to keep it there, as I tend to bleed at 50000. I do not even want to think of the nightmare year I had with prednisolone.

As you say, diet plays a very important role.

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You sound like your doing great! Keep up the good work.

Love the sound of the papaya leaf and the count going up to 150,000. Wow! Papaya is so amazing for arthritis, all those lovely enzymes.

Shame that the fruit is indicated in bleeding.

Do you use the fruit or just the leaf?

Not heard of the leaf extract so might have to investigate that for arthritis potential.

Do you use it as a tea or supplement?

Sorry for all the questions. :)

Glad your getting good advice from the people who care about your conditions. India is sooo cool!

Might have to visit one day and check out all these awesome remedies and your countries great healing knowledge.

Just a note. I'm not saying that adding pepper will make curcumin safe in your case. The message is that you could leverage the effect whilst using an amount that would be almost undetectable to your system, this slight of hand might help you get benefit and stay safe.

The results would have to be tested, researched and tried with care. The studies haven't been done so please proceed with care and good luck.:)

There is also another product you might like to check out. Nigella sativa often called black seed.

Here's a study

And here's some evidence! ;)

I use it for my RA and bake the seed and add it to smoothies.

It seems the oil might be a good choice for your condition but I haven't used it. I have used the seed extensively and it says in one of the vedas that black seed is a cure for all disease apart from death. :)

Have a look and get in touch if you need more info. I have written extensively on this subject and it's affects on RA, so I might be able to give you some pointers and recipes.

Best wishes,


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Hi Wade, adding pepper to turmeric is a great idea. In South India, we add both to hot milk to cure sore throat and cough. Didn't know adding pepper will make it safe for ITP. Thanks

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Thank you Wade. I misunderstood what you said. Reading the references mentioned in the site and am just realising what a great cure pepper might be for RA, and for any auto immune disease for that matter, as inflammation is a given when the immune system goes for a toss. The black seed you mention must be what we call KALONJI in Hindi. We use it regularly in our cooking. But didn't know it is good for RA. Will go through the references.

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Yeah that's the stuff!

There are some recipes on the internet that use honey and some people swear by them as a cure all.

Quite tasty too.:)

As I said I prefer to lightly toast the seeds. Once toasted I put them in honey and store them in a kilner jar. A tablespoon full morning and night seems to be good for me. and I can always spoon some into a smoothie if I'm not feeling like chewing seeds.

i find the raw seeds flavour a bit intense but it doesn't stop me experimenting with them.;)

How do you use them?

Ha ha it all gets a bit confusing when we add different conditions and meds doesn't it. Best to go easy and build up slowly. The second link to the nigella sativa looks like a great bit of evidence for it's platelet building qualities.

I would love to chat about your experiences, are you on facebook? India is somewhere I would love to explore. Maybe you could show me around? :)

Have a great day and good luck with your experiments!


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Hi Wade, I use CARIPILL , sold by MICRO LABS ,in India. It has been launched recently in Sept 2015, mainly for treating Dengue. I did my own search and found it helped ITP, if taken continuously. I tried getting fresh papaya leaf but unfortunately not available in the city where I live . The tablet contains papaya leaf extract.

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Oh how exciting! This does look promising. :)

So many great beneficial effects including boosting the immune system!

Your link says the meds are expensive? Have you considered trying powdered leaf in a smoothie? If you can get it of course.

Shame you can't get fresh, but if you can't get it fresh then why not just grow some? You have the weather and seeds would cost pennies. ;)

You could dry the leaves and make a tea from them, as long as you brewed it under 63 degrees c to protect the enzymes.;)

That's what I love about this, we can experiment and get all kinds of beneficial effects from a smoothie or tincture. Much more than intended for the original disease, and get nourished at the same time.

That's how you fight disease. :)

Thanks for the link. Glad we don't get dengue in the UK. We don't know how lucky we are. :/

Best wishes,


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Just a thought.....

Have you thought about supporting your bones with nutrition?

of course the bone makes all platelets so you have a commonality here between a bone disease and a bone process.

This video will explain a great deal about how to support the bone.

It does bring up a good point about toxicity too. Do you have a lot of heavy metals in industry and the soil where you are? You might need to think bout that.

And just a further point on the pepper and bioperene. Make sure you go easy because it could increase the potency of all the medications you are taking.

You might want to hit the fulvic acid too?

Top of page 11 talks about transfer of toxic metals.

Really sorry I can't explain this better.:/ I'm working so a bit under pressure. Would of loved to try and show what I mean from the above but in essence the bone needs support and these things are all inter related. Adding one will help the others.

Good trails my friend!


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