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Herpes Simplex

I have just read that there is thought to be a connection between RA, Herpes Simplex and Epstein Barr.

I have had a long auto-immune trajectory. I had ME for 20 years, followed by 5 years of fibromyalgia and now RA. Before Indeveloped ME I had a number of severe outbreaks of herpes around my eyes. This has been a continuing problem , which has worsened of late. I have repeatedly flagged this up to consultants and doctors as something which I believe underlies some of my problems. I have been patronised and ignored. The lack of synergy between immunologists and rheumatologists is part of the problem. I have had facial swelling all through the fibro period which I was certain related to herpes, but was told that it was not the case. I have never been treated consistently for herpes.

Conventional medicine provides some good things but the lack of joined upness, the artificial demarcations between clinical areas is one of the great frustrations. I don't know if anyone else has had a history of herpes pre dating their diagnosis

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There is a lot of anecdotal evidence about infections triggering off auto-immune conditions, but it looks,at the moment from my reading, unlikely that there is a specific infection.

My sister started her Giant Cell Arteritis and RA after a (second) infection with whooping cough in her seventies - confirmed by a rise in her antibodies. She was very annoyed to get RA. Her younger sister -me - having it for many years, so she knew what she was in for!

I like to think of it as though the body gets a bit confused after an infection and goes round looking for other things to attack!

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That's a good way of describing it ! My body is certainly confused .


Hi again Hisam, RA, HS and EB, I believe there is a 'Low Thyroid' link, (Hashimotos)

ME and Fibromyalgia are also linked with Low Thyroid. (Hypothyroidism.)

Patients whose (Hypothyroidism) Low thyroid bloods are 'missed or overlooked' by Doctors often go onto having Fibromyalgia and/or ME

Do go over to the Thyroid Uk site on here (Health Unlocked) and pop up your same question.


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